What Should You Ask For In A Divorce?

Getting a divorce is difficult, but you may also feel at an impasse with more than your feelings. For example, you might be unsure what to do legally in the divorce. Do you need a divorce attorney? Do you know what you want to take with you when you move out? And perhaps most importantly, what do you legally get to keep after the divorce? Property division is difficult in a divorce. [Read More]

Your Spouse May Own Your Family Vehicle, But Here Are Some Ways To Get It

The process of dividing assets during a divorce gives you the ability to fight for the things that you need and that you want. If you jointly own an asset exclusively with your spouse, there are many ways that your respective attorneys can work out how to divide it. Don't give up on fighting for items that your spouse has in his or her name. A prime example is a vehicle; while it might seem logical to think that because you spouse's name is on the vehicle's paperwork, he or she will automatically get it. [Read More]

Divorce Milestones And What They Mean

Divorce is made up of several milestones, and each one gets you one step closer to being single. The entire process can take anywhere from a matter of months to a year more, depending on how complicated your situation might be. While it may be difficult to predict when it will all be over with, you can look forward to the below milestones along the way. Read on to learn more about some important events during your divorce and what to expect. [Read More]

Was Your Child Injured In A Birthday Party Bounce House? 3 Strategies To Handle A Personal Injury Case

Inflatable bounce houses are popular features at birthday parties, and kids love having the opportunity to jump around with their friends. While bounce houses look safe enough with their enclosed walls and a person standing nearby, the truth is that they can be just as dangerous as trampolines. Unfortunately, problems quickly begin to add up once an injury occurs, and you may discover that it is harder than one would think to recover compensation for medical bills and other costs associated with your child's injury. [Read More]