Why It's So Important To Hire A Family Lawyer When You're Leaving An Abusive Marriage

In many cases, when leaving a marriage, it's a good idea to hire a family lawyer to help you. This is particularly important if you are in the process of leaving an abusive marriage. If you're wondering why it's so important for you to hire a family lawyer in this situation, these are a few examples. You'll Need to Protect Yourself First of all, it's very important for you to protect yourself when leaving an abusive marriage. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Divorce Stress

Divorce is a very upsetting and stressful ordeal. It can affect every aspect of a person's life, from their financial stability to their relationships with friends and family. Divorce stress is a natural and normal response to the end of a marriage, but it can also be debilitating if not properly addressed. In this article, we'll explore what divorce stress is and how to handle it. What is Divorce Stress? [Read More]

Reasons Your Attorney Wants You To Have A Prenuptial Agreement Before Tying The Knot

Many people believe that partners who recommend the creation of a prenuptial agreement will be less committed to their marriage. As such, they are reluctant to create the document before tying the knot. However, this is an essential document that can make you have a healthier marriage. Therefore, if you consult an attorney when planning your marriage, they will advise you and your partner to create a prenup for the following reasons. [Read More]

When Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer To Help Alter Your Divorce Decree?

Do you think your divorce terms warrant being changed to reflect a change of circumstances? A divorce lawyer can be a valuable asset even after your divorce decree has been finalized. There are a number of instances in which having a lawyer on retainer or on call can be helpful — if not necessary — in altering a divorce decree. 1. If You Need to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement [Read More]