Understanding The Different Types Of Custodial Restrictions

A parent's access to their child may be restricted in different ways. The common ones include ordering supervised visitations and shortening the time the parent has with the child for each visit. However, there are many other forms of custodial and visitation restrictions, such as these three: Overnight Visitations Some issues may prompt the judge to restrict overnight visitations of the child. Consider the following three types of parent: A parent who goes out drinking into the wee hours of the night, nearly every day.

About Ending An LGBT Marriage Under The Collaborative Divorce Law

Are you ready to end your same-sex marriage so you can move on and start a life with someone else? Rather than continuing a marriage that you are unhappy about, it is wise to hire an LGBT lawyer to assist you with ending it in the most cordial way possible. In this article, you will learn how assistance from an LGBT lawyer like one from Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC can make getting divorce from your husband or wife a smoother process under the family collaborative law as long as your spouse agrees to it.